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February 20, 2020


In appreciation of all living beings and to worship real craftsmanship, Moonchild was created to offer the sophisticated sleeper an experience unlike any other on the market.

Moonchild designs sustainable luxury sleep goods, that are handcrafted in Germany and made of cruelty-free Peace Silk.

This ethical, slow fashion approach enables silkworms their natural metamorphosis: to become the beautiful butterflies they are supposed to become. A process that is unfortunately not a given in the conventional silk industry. Moonchild meets the growing demand of ethically minded and conscious consumers.

PRODUCTS: pillowcases, sleep masks, travel sets, scrunchies, baby bed pad

What are the benefits of silk?

•Silk reduces friction and therefor helps to prevent wrinkles, split ends and the dreaded bed head and it helps to maintain a blow-dry.

•Silk is an organic and all-natural protein that compliments the pH-level of skin and is hypoallergenic.

•The soothing fibre of silk naturally balances moisture and temperature. It won’t draw moisture or products away from skin and hair. Silk helps to stay warm and cozy in the winter and refreshingly cools in summer. This adds comfort to the already luxurious feel and makes silk an ideal nightly companion.

Recommended by dermatologists ‘I can tell which side you prefer to sleep on by the fine lines in your face.‘ - Dr Runnebaum

Cruelty-free Peace Silk

•100% high-grade Mulberry silk, no mixed fibre
•Harm-free production process
•Clean beauty: toxin-free, no silicons or chemical finished used •Used by ethical pioneers Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood

The award-winning silk supplier ensures that no pesticides are used for the mulberry trees on which the silkworms grow and that no harsh chemicals are used in the production process or as a finish. It is a win on all sides: no silkworm is harmed, the environment is protected and the user benefits from a silk in its most pure and honest form.

SILK CARE: all items can be hand-washed in cold water or in the washing machines’s delicate cycle. The mild Moonchild Silk Bath helps to maintain the silk’s shine and softness for many years of use.




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