In appreciation of all living beings and to worship real craftsmanship, Moonchild was created to offer the sophisticated sleeper an experience unlike any other on the market.

Moonchild designs sustainable and luxurious sleep goods, that are handcrafted in Germany and made of cruelty-free Peace Silk.

This ethical, slow fashion approach protects the natural metamorphosis of silkworms: to become the beautiful butterflies they are supposed to become. A process that is unfortunately not a given in the conventional silk industry. Moonchild meets the growing demand of ethically minded and conscious consumers.

As seen in
"Sleep Mask 2.0: Lander filled Eye Pillow to help us unwind."
Beauty Favourites
InStyle - February 01, 2021
"The Sleep Mask for deeper rests at night and undisturbed travels."
On The Move: Traveller Gifts
Condé Nast Traveller - February 01, 2021
"If the princess an the pea had a silk pillow..."
Retreat. Transition. New Beginnings.
NZZ am Sonntag Magazin - January 03, 2021
"Each pillow is made organically and ethically with harm-free Peace Silk."
The Wishlist - Glamour's Gift Guide
Glamour - December 01, 2020
"Tempting extras for luxury hair - Moonchild Silk Scrunchies in Rosé Champagne."
Luxury Hair Special
"Sleep yourself beautiful."
Beauty Sleep
Jolie - January 01, 2021
"Hibernate - products that make beautiful overnight."
Madame - December 01, 2020
"Moonchild adds a contemporary makeover to a forgotten beauty secret: silk pillows made ethically."
Get the beauty sleep you deserve!
Vanity Fair - October 13, 2020
"Mit diesen Seidenkissen werden Sie nur schöne Träume haben!"
Einschlafen? Garantiert!
Grazia - October 22, 2020
"Gorgeous Travel Set with Memory Foam Sleep Mask."
Summer loving ...
GQ - June 08, 2020
"Ultimate travel companion for smoother travels and sleepovers."
There's no place like home.
World of Interiors - May 11, 2020
"To sleep on silk not only enhances the quality of sleep but is well regarded as a great beauty trick to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and split ends."
Vogue Retail: Envy Inducing Interiors
Vogue - April 03, 2020
"An ethical production enables silkworms to use their natural metamorphosis and become butterflies."
Moonchild designs sustainable sleep goods of cruelty-free peace silk
Tatler - May 05, 2020
"Using peace silk, a harvesting process that allows silkworms to live out their life cycle, Wittig is committed to a cruelty-free brand that’s sustainable."
The biggest trend in indie beauty right now: Saving the world
LA Times - January 31, 2020
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2020/12 Pressemitteilung Moonchild - Nachhaltige Peace Silk Seidenkissen
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