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100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase 🦋 caterpillar-friendly free 🌎 shipping from 200€/$

An Interview With Our Founder

1. What is the story behind Moonchild and how did it start?

"I have been sleeping on silk pillowcases forever, but found it super hard to find them in a proper quality and in the size of my fave pillow about 10 years ago. That is basically when the idea was born to produce them myself. Once I learned about Peace Silk, the missing sustainability link was added - I was hooked and came to a point where I could not not do it!"

Moonchild Founder Sarah Wittig

2. What does Moonchild stand for?

"Just like the idea found me, the name followed intuitively. It has a spiritual meaning to me and symbolises our connectedness to nature and the divine. We’re children of the moon. We are in tune with the moon’s rhythms; we release as it wanes and manifest as it waxes. Moonchild’s waxing crescent moon symbolises the force of change: right when the new moon takes its first step towards fullness with its surface slightly illuminated by the sun. This moon phase encourages positivity and faith and breathing life into our wildest dreams."

3. The whole brand follows a sustainable approach. Tell us a bit more about the silk Moonchild uses. Why is it so special?

"We keep silk all-natural and organic from the farms to the final product, without toxic pesticides, fertilisers or GMOs. I like to call it honest silk. It is pure and made without chromium, lead or barium. We use no chemical spray on the mulberry plantations and kill no silkworms during the process. All those would be common practices for conventional and about 99% of the worldwide silk supply. Organic silk is a win for all: animals, farmers, garment producers and us consumers, too.

The more natural it is kept, the more we benefit from its skin-loving superpowers."

4. What is your perception of sustainability as one of the trending topics for brands nowadays?

"I personally love the direction we are heading and see great potential. When it comes to food - we appreciate everything organic and feel better about our more nutritious and less toxic choices. When it comes to clothes -  we might pick the organic cotton tee over the conventional one and have a safer feeling about what we put on our skin. When it comes to silk - one  might assume that something that luxurious can not be in any way harmful and we are here to show sustainable ways."

5. Do you have a certain sleeping routine?

"I don’t have a typical routine since every day and night looks so different for me. I am very aware that a continuous sleep routine is recommended by sleep researches, but that is something I might have to work on. But one thing is for sure: I love to wear silk from day to night and also sleep in all-silk: I wear silk PJs, put on a silk sleep mask and have about four silk pillows spread all over the bed. I never travel without my sleep mask which helps me squeeze in those little naps or meditations on every train ride."

6. Was there an “a-ha” moment when you started using silk pillowcases?

"That a-ha moment hit me the very first morning when I woke up. I have had thick, long hair since I was little and it was the first morning without frizz and without needing to spend minutes untangling my hair. Just imagine what that effect does to our hair and skin 365 nights a year, many in a lifetime! That is why I am convinced of the wrinkle prevention effect of silk, too. We have to be sleep-smart at as young in age as possible.

Nothing looks more beautiful in your 50s than a silk pillowcase in your 20s!"

7. Where will Moonchild be heading to in the near future?

"We are busy working on the most amazing all-silk things! I can not disclose it right now but I can not wait to show you very soon! Stay tuned."


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