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We are demanding about our sleep and want silk that is: high-end tailored, toxin- and cruelty-free. So we can sleep, look and do better.

We created Moonchild in appreciation of all living beings and real craftsmanship. The more organic silk is kept, the more of its skin-loving super powers are obtained. Our special silk protects the metamorphosis from silkworm to butterfly and we honour it with refined workmanship - to offer sophisticated dreamers an experience like no other on the market.
As seen in
"A thousand's of years old fiber - tender but powerful."
An ingredient that seams delicate, but is powerful.
Harper's Bazaar - September 15, 2021
"The 'Luxe Silk Sleep Mask' with a memory effect, blocks out light and helps you drift to sleep with ease. "
The IT List
World of Interiors - August 21, 2021
"Organic silk protects the sensitive eye area, keeps skin nourished and helps prevent wrinkles due to the hydrating superpowers of cruelty-free 'Peace Silk'."
Great Gift Ideas and Inspiration
House & Garden - August 21, 2021
"Sleep Mask 2.0: Lavender filled Eye Pillow to help us unwind."
Beauty Favourites
InStyle - February 01, 2021
"The Sleep Mask for deeper rests at night and undisturbed travels."
On The Move: Traveller Gifts
Condé Nast Traveller - February 01, 2021
"If the princess and the pea had a silk pillow..."
Retreat. Transition. New Beginnings.
NZZ am Sonntag Magazin - January 03, 2021
"Each pillow is made organically and ethically with harm-free Peace Silk."
The Wishlist - Glamour's Gift Guide
Glamour - December 01, 2020
"Tempting extras for luxury hair - Moonchild Silk Scrunchies in Rosé Champagne."
Luxury Hair Special
"Sleep yourself beautiful."
Beauty Sleep
Jolie - January 01, 2021
"Hibernate - products that make beautiful overnight."
Madame - December 01, 2020
"Moonchild adds a contemporary makeover to a forgotten beauty secret: silk pillows made ethically."
Get the beauty sleep you deserve!
Vanity Fair - October 13, 2020
"Mit diesen Seidenkissen werden Sie nur schöne Träume haben!"
Einschlafen? Garantiert!
Grazia - October 22, 2020
"Gorgeous Travel Set with Memory Foam Sleep Mask."
Summer loving ...
GQ - June 08, 2020
"Ultimate travel companion for smoother travels and sleepovers."
There's no place like home.
World of Interiors - May 11, 2020
"To sleep on silk not only enhances the quality of sleep but is well regarded as a great beauty trick to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and split ends."
Vogue Retail: Envy Inducing Interiors
Vogue - April 03, 2020
"An ethical production enables silkworms to use their natural metamorphosis and become butterflies."
Moonchild designs sustainable sleep goods of cruelty-free peace silk
Tatler - May 05, 2020
"Using peace silk, a harvesting process that allows silkworms to live out their life cycle, Wittig is committed to a cruelty-free brand that’s sustainable."
The biggest trend in indie beauty right now: Saving the world
LA Times - January 31, 2020
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2020/12 Pressemitteilung Moonchild - Nachhaltige Peace Silk Seidenkissen
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