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Seta di gelso senza crudeltà qualità progettata in Germania

Ingrandisci Federa Peace Silk / Dimensione bambini (40x60)
Ingrandisci Peace Silk Pillowcase / Kids size (40x60) - Moonchild
Ingrandisci Federa Peace Silk / Dimensione bambini (40x60)
Ingrandisci Organic Silk Pillowcase kids size
Ingrandisci Organic Silk Pillowcase kids size
Ingrandisci Moonchild Silk pillow wash
Ingrandisci Federa Peace Silk / Dimensione bambini (40x60)

Federa Peace Silk / Dimensione bambini (40x60)

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Color: Rosé Champagne

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Federa di seta biologica per bambini in 100% Peace Silk

Seta senza crudeltà e certificata GOTS

Bambini o formato da viaggio di lusso: 40 x 60 cm, 16 x 23"

Tutte le federe Moonchild sono dotate di una resistente chiusura a busta e vengono consegnate in un'esclusiva confezione regalo. Controlla il nostro  Bébé Lune per i bambini che non dormono ancora sui cuscini.

Fatto con ♡ in Germania.

Incluso un regalo da bagno in seta da 50 ml.

Federa Peace Silk / Dimensione bambini (40x60)


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Ciao ciao

Ai punti calvi

La seta liscia aiuta a evitare le macchie calve e supporta una crescita sana dei capelli.

Dormire meglio

Babies sweat less in summer and stay cozy warm in winter with silk. Silk is a relief for sensitive skin, neurodermatitis or eczema.


Moonchild silk is free of harmful toxins. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and therefore ultra-hygienic.

Seta Peace Silk senza crudeltà

protegge la metamorfosi da bruco a farfalla - cosa non scontata nell'industria convenzionale che li fa ancora bollire vivi.

Il più organico

e meno seta lavorata industriale è, più bambini traggono vantaggio dai suoi superpoteri naturali.


Come lavare la seta?

Wash your Moonchild Silk in the delicate cycle with our Silk Detergent. There's no need to dry clean silk pillowcases. Silk dries quickly. Avoid direct sunlight and dry laying on a towel.

Raso vs seta: qual è la differenza?

Moonchild Silk is 100% silk in a satin weave. Don't be fooled by satin pillowcases, which could be made of any fabric, such as polyester, which is neither organic nor provides silk's natural benefits. Don't go for the cheapest, go for what works!

Perché investire in Moonchild?

In an age of fast fashion, we're the force of change. We work with the world's leading manufacturers and dedicate the same quality craftsmanship to each item as to a luxurious gown. Our organic silk is better for animals, the planet and us consumers, too. We might not be the cheapest, but probably the best.

Posso restituire il mio ordine?

We offer 14 days risk-free returns. 

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11 Recensioni

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Susi M.
I love my new pillowcase

I'm going to replace all my pillowcases with this.

Claudia B.
Amazing quality

I love it and will get more for me and my friends.

Linda N.
Love it

This pillowcase has changed how much I look forward to bedtime. It motivates me to never skip my cleansing routine.

Tora B.
My new favourite beauty tool

My new favourite beauty tool and it's so convenient! I can already see that my fine neck hair finally grows longer, combing my hair goes smoother in the morning and I wake up less creased.

Barbara W.
Get 2!!

I had to get another silk pillowcase as my husband kept stealing mine. Get him Moonchild, too. You won't regret it.

I can tell which side you prefer to sleep on - by fine lines on your face. I recommend satin silk pillowcases to deflect the signs of ageing.

Silk Dermatologically recommended
Dott.ssa Marion Runnebaum

I have always struggled with my dry and frizzy natural curls. After sleeping I had to wash my hair again to make it look healthy and shiny. Today I sleep on a Moonchild silk pillow. My hair stays hydrated, the products stay in and the same happens to my skin - a true game changer!

Silk recommended for natural hair and curly hair
Nadine Alyana E.

I travel everywhere with my Moonchild travel-sized silk pillow and sleep mask. What a treat.

Silk Travel Pillow Silk Eye mask
Nigel Dean


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