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100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase 🦋 caterpillar-friendly free 🌎 shipping from 200€/$

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Safe and Sound Silk Travel Set

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The Moonchild Safe and Sound Travel Set 

is your ultimate travel companion for smoother travels and sleepovers with that comfy at-home-feel.

Set of:

1) Peace Silk Pillowcase in travel size // 30x40cm, 12"x16" 

2) Down pillow // ethically sourced from small german farms, not live-plucked, 100% new feathers and downs, not bleached, in two variants

a) Standard: with 70% down, 30% feathers and

b) Luxe: with 90% high-grade white goose down, 10% feathers 

3) Peace Silk Sleep Mask // google shaped core with memory effect, no pressure on the eye balls, blacks out, super comfy due to extra wide headband + practical clutch

4) Organic Cotton Clutch // with pockets for sleep mask, passport and phone, also fits a sleek 13" notebook - 100% cotton, GOTS-certified

Why We Sleep Better On Silk

Silk creates an ideal sleep climate and helps us sleep better. It cools in summer and warms in winter. The more natural Silk is kept, the more of its superpowers are obtained.

Look Better

Silk keeps our hair and skin hydrated, reduces friction by up to 40% and thus promotes glowy skin and healthy hair 🌙💤

And Do better

Our organic Silk protects the natural metamorphosis 🐛 is a safe choice for animals, the environment and us: no pesticides and no toxins used.

Safe and Sound Silk Travel Set


seen in

Ditch the cotton

Switch to silk

This pillowcase will make you wish you made the switch sooner.

Sleep better

Silk helps us sweat less in summer and stay cozy in winter, absorbs skincare less and helps hair and skin stay hydrated.

Defy wrinkles and split ends

Silk reduces friction, thus helps prevent wrinkles, split ends and the dreaded bed head. Name an easier beauty tool!

Cruelty-free Peace Silk

protects the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly - no given in the conventional industry that still boils them alive.

Organic and sustainable

We keep silk all-natural to obtain all benefits - no mixed fibres, chemical finishes, pesticides or harmful chemicals. Our silk is durable and fully biodegradable.

Clean Beauty

Our silk is free of harmful toxins and dyed sustainably. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and a relief for those with allergies.

Dermatologically recommended

to soothe sensitive skin and symptoms of neurodermatitis, acne or eczema. Silk is the fibre most similar to our skin.

The more organic

- and less industrial processed - silk is kept, the more of its natural skin-loving superpowers are obtained.

This pillowcase has changed how much I look forward to bedtime. It motivates me to never skip my cleansing routine.

Linda N.Customer

My new favourite beauty tool and it's so convenient! I can already see that my fine neck hair finally grows longer, combing my hair goes smoother in the morning and I wake up less creased.

Tora B.Customer

I had to get another silk pillowcase as my husband kept stealing mine. Get him Moonchild, too. You won't regret it.

Barbara W.Customer


How To Wash Silk?

Wash your Moonchild Silk by hand or the washing machine's delicate cycle. There's no need to dry clean Silk Pillowcases. Silk drys quickly. Do not dry in direct sunlight and rather laying on a towel than hanging.

Satin vs Silk - What's The Difference?

All Moonchild products are made from Satin Silk, that means 100% Silk in a Satin weave. Don't be fooled by Satin Pillowcases, that could be made of any fabric, such as polyester, that is neither organic, nor provides Silk's natural benefits.

Why Invest In Moonchild?

In an age of fast fashion we're the force of change. We only work with the world's leading manufacturers and dedicate each item the same quality craftsmanship as a high-end gown. Our Silk is truly ethical and GOTS-certified organic: better for animals, workers, the planet and us consumers, too.

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We upgrade to a full size for any 3 items from categories Pillowcase or Baby. Add Silk Detergent to cart, no code needed.

Free Silk Facemask

Buy 2 Silk Pillowcases, Sleep Masks or Baby gadgets and get a free Silk Facemask with code FACEMASK.

4 reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kristina H.
Abolutely love this

I love this sleep mask and do not sleep without.

Brita B.
5 Stars

I sleep very well with this Set.

Claudia H.
Absolut top bei unregelmäßigen Schlafzeiten

Als Stewardess bin ich auf meine Schlafmaske angewiesen und habe über die Jahre schon viele getestet. Diese ist bislang mein absoluter Favorit und jeden Cent wert (auch wenn ich kurz wegen des Preises gezögert habe). Aber Seide soll ja schön machen und mein Schlaf ist es mir wert.
Die Seide fühlt sich toll an, schmeichelt der Haut richtig und ich fühle mich morgens weniger zerknautscht um die Augen.
Ich bin Seitenschläfer und sie drückt nicht und die Haare verziepen auch nirgends. Schon beim Auspacken merkt man, wie hochwertig sie ist.
Die Tasche ist super praktisch für unterwegs und ich werde sie sicher noch das ein oder andere Mal verschenken.

Karine T.
Immer dabei

Passt einfach alles😴


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