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An alternative approach to “New Year, New You”

As we embark on a new year, the onslaught of “New Year, New You” and “make this your best year EVER” products and programmes can be overwhelming and leave us feeling like we’ll never measure up.

Gently, gently

At Moonchild, we’re all about slowing down, taking a mindful moment to re-evaluate and choosing a gentler, more sustainable path. Good things take time, and that’s especially true when it comes to lifestyle changes. You’re likely already doing many things well, so instead of succumbing to the pressure to overhaul your entire life this January, only to give up before the time the clocks change in spring, why not try focusing on just one thing?

Change just one thing

No matter your life, career, and wellness goals, here are some simple lifestyle habits with a multitude of benefits that we’ll be taking with us into the new year.

Make sleep your number one priority

Sleep is the ultimate biohack and works on multiple levels to help us feel and look better. Sufficient sleep allows our body to rest and repair so we wake up feeling good and able to deal with everything life throws our way. It also boosts memory function and makes us more resilient to stress. Good sleep can even support our metabolism and help regulate our appetite.

If those benefits aren’t enough to convince you to focus on getting good shut-eye, read our post about the detrimental effects – from impaired cognitive function to a less resilient immune system - even a single night of poor sleep can have.

If you struggle to get to sleep or to sleep through the night, why not try a simple bedtime routine to make nighttime something you look forward to? Of course, we love laying down on a silk pillowcase, which can actually help you fall asleep and stay asleep through the night, thanks to its luxuriously comforting feel and its moisture and heat-regulating properties. To maximise the benefits, add a calming sleep mask.

Be a conscious consumer

This applies to everything we consume, from media to food and drink to fashion and beauty products. Here, again, we like to take a moment to think about what we’re craving when we reach for fast food or fast fashion. Is our consumption aligned with our values, and will it still bring us joy tomorrow or next year? What are the broader implications of the instant gratification of a fast fashion fix? Simply reducing our consumption of throwaway trends can make a massive difference on so many levels. It reduces our environmental impact, stops supporting unethical production and manufacturing processes based on exploiting people and the planet, and helps reduce our exposure to chemicals.

Read on to learn why we wholeheartedly support the slow-fashion ethos of ‘buy less, choose well, make it last’ and how textiles from the fast fashion sector could increase your toxic load.

Redefine self-care

While this concept has been used to sell us everything from skincare to candles, the self-care we’re talking about doesn’t involve taking a bath and listening to whale music! Our take on self-care means holistic well-being, promoting health, and actively preventing or managing illness. As such, our definition of self-care very much incorporates the previous two lifestyle factors. Sleep is the most significant factor that affects how we look and feel, while acting in line with our values is crucial to our mental wellbeing. Therefore, investing in quality that we know will last for many years is just as much a form of self-care as incorporating a pampering treat (we recently tried facial massage and enjoyed it so much that it’s now a non-negotiable step in our skincare routine). Incorporating the senses into our daily habits can also boost our mental health and lead to even better results. Take sleeping on silk – it’s a whole different level of luxury sensory experience than plain old cotton or polyester. … waking up with smooth hair and skin is a welcome bonus.

So, instead of getting sucked into all-or-nothing, restrictive resolutions that are destined to fail, why not try just one of our suggestions?


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