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Premium organic silk, free 🌎 wide express shipping*

Premium silk pillowcases for hair and skin

Tackle the reason for wrinkes, acne and split ends easily asleep

Moonchild® Sustainable Silk Pillowcase

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'To sleep on silk helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and split ends.'

'A cruelty-free brand that's sustainable.'

'A thousand's of years old fiber - tender but powerful.'

'THE Sleep Mask for deeper rests at night and undisturbed travels.'

'Moonchild adds a contemporary makeover to a forgotten beauty secret.'

'Sleep Mask 2.0: Lavender filled Eye Pillow to help us unwind.'

'Hibernate - products that make beautiful over night.'

'Get the beauty sleep you deserve! Moonchild adds contemporary makeover to a forgotten beauty secret: silk pillows made ethically.'

'You'll only have good dreams with these silk pillows.'

'Upgrade your in-flight experience with the Moonchild silk sleep mask. Hand-tailored with Italian silk.'

'Gorgeous travel set with memory foam sleep mask.'

'To sleep on silk not only enhances the quality of sleep but is well regarded as a great beauty trick to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and split ends.'

'Moonchild designs sustainable sleep goods of cruelty-free Peace Silk. An ethical production enables silkworms to use their metamorphosis and become butterflies.'

'Peace Silk Scrunchies for luxury hair.'

'if the princess and the pea had a silk pillow...'

Shop the MOONCHILD® premium well-aging pillow

European signature tailoring meets luxurious silk from Como, Italy

100% certified organic and cruelty-free Peace Silk

Sleep, look and feel your best with luxe organic silk.
Moonchild® Sustainable Silk Pillowcase

What our customers say

"Only silk pillowcase I’m not allergic to

Moonchild’s fabric is different. I’m thankful there is a company creating ethical silk products that are truly healthy and safe."


Sleep looks gorgeous on you

Silk pillowcase for hair and skin

The lasting investment in your beauty, your well-being, and your values.

Moonchild® Sustainable Silk Pillowcase

What Industry Experts say

I can read from the fine lines on your face which side you tend to sleep on. A silk pillowcase is considered to be an anti-wrinkle tool because sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help to prevent sleep wrinkles and protects skin from dehydration.

Moonchild® Sustainable Silk Pillowcase
Dr. Marion Runnebaum

Due to my frizzy curly hair, even 'good hair days' usually ended the very next morning: I would have to wash and style again, drying out my hair even more. A model colleague recommended that I try a silk pillowcase for natural hair. Everything changed when I started using my Moonchild Peace Silk pillowcase. My hair stays smooth and so does my skin – it’s a complete gamechanger!

Moonchild® Sustainable Silk Pillowcase
Nadine Alyana E.

A silk pillowcase and sleeping mask from Moonchild are a must for all my trips. They transform every journey into a luxury getaway, so I always arrive at my destination relaxed and well-rested. What I especially love about Moonchild products is the slow-fashion, high-quality approach, and that they are produced sustainably and without animal cruelty.

Moonchild® Sustainable Silk Pillowcase
Nigel Dean

MOONCHILD® spotted at

The Moonchild Difference

- the closer silk is left to its natural state, the greater its beautifying superpowers.

Moonchild® Sustainable Silk Pillowcase

We Sleep Better

Cooling in the summer, cosy in the winter. Silk is naturally hydrating, hypoallergenic and breathable.

Moonchild® Sustainable Silk Pillowcase

And Look Better

A silk pillowcase helps to minimize friction, preventing sleep wrinkles and bed-head hair.

Moonchild® Sustainable Silk Pillowcase

Cruelty-free Peace Silk

No animals are harmed in our vegan-friendly production process.

Moonchild® Sustainable Silk Pillowcase

Recommended by Dermatologists

to soothe sensitive skin and calm symptoms of acne, dermatitis, eczema and allergies.

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Moonchild® Sustainable Silk Pillowcase

Embracing Ageing

What’s the alternative to injectables?

Moonchild® Sustainable Silk Pillowcase

Filling tired?

Let's look at another kind of tiredness: filler fatigue.

Moonchild® Sustainable Silk Pillowcase

Keep it Cool

Here are our tried and trusted methods to help you make the most of summer without sacrificing your shut-eye.

Silk Pillowcase for hair and skin

Silk pillowcase for hair growth

Silk pillowcase for hair: how we prevent wrinkles and split ends while we sleep

The premium silk pillowcase for hair is made from sustainable Peace Silk silk by Moonchild. It helps to naturally prevent wrinkles and split ends while we sleep. Sensuously soft as a second skin, a silk pillowcase for hair ensures we start each morning well rested, without sleep wrinkles and bed-head hair.

Silk pillowcase for hair and skin: what to look for when buying

Not every fabric that feels smooth and silky is actually made of real silk. Satin is a weave that creates silky-soft and slightly shiny textiles, but it can be made of any material, such as cotton or polyester. However, only real silk offers a multitude of benefits for our beauty and health. Moonchild’s silk pillowcases for hair and loungewear is made from 100% silk without polyester. This has the added advantage of being completely natural and biodegradable.

Silk pillowcase for hair growth

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase multiplies the many benefits of sleep for your skin and hair. Pillowcases made of silk reduce hair breakage and are one of the beauty-insiders secret weapons. A silk pillowcases for hair can also boost sleep quality thanks to its temperature-regulating effect - cooling when the mercury rises in summer and comforting and warming in the chill of winter.

A silk pillowcase for hair loss

Silk pillowcases can help to prevent hair breakage and split-ends. The smooth surface means there is less friction and, as a result, less breakage, hair loss and tangles – Au revoir 'Bed-Head' and Bad Hair Days!

Best silk pillowcases for curly hair

If you have curly hair or want to take the best care of your natural hair, try a silk pillowcase for curly hair to see a difference from the very first night. Prevent frizz and preserve precious curls easily asleep. The best silk pillowcase for hair is a natural one.

The advantages of a silk pillowcase for the skin

As a natural product, silk boasts several properties that are beneficial for the skin and hair. Silk is an organic protein with a pH value similar to that of the skin. It is naturally breathable and hypoallergenic, making silk pillowcases a real blessing for allergy sufferers and anyone with sensitive skin. Silk pillowcases for hair are also often referred to as 'anti-wrinkle pillows' because natural silk fibres are less absorbent than cotton or polyester, for example. This means that less moisture is drawn from the skin when sleeping on a silk pillowcase. In addition, the skin and hair glide over the smooth surface, preventing sleep wrinkles and hair breakage.

Premium quality silk pillowcases made of sustainably produced silk

Moonchild’s silk is woven in Como, Italy und sewn in Germany, Poland and Portugal at the finest workshops relied on by some of the world’s leading high-fashion labels. The high quality of our silk pillowcases is evident in the meticulous finishing and the use of long-wearing French Seams. Our anti-wrinkle silk pillowcases feature a practical and long-lasting envelope closure. Be aware if a silk pillowcases for hair is sewn with simple overlock seams that are adequate for cotton, but not for silk and may not stand the test of time.

Moonchild is committed to sustainable, ethical production of luxury silk pillowcases for hair, sleep masks and loungewear. We believe that the highest quality production and manufacturing processes are reflected in the beauty and longevity of all of our products. A silk pillowcase made from cruelty-free Peace Silk is a longwearing, sustainable product, handmade from the finest raw materials and without the use of harmful chemicals.

Beauty-boosting silk pillowcase for sleep

Sleep is good, but good sleep is even better – for our body, mind and soul! Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can ensure improved sleep quality. This temperature-regulating natural fibre ensures an optimum sleep environment that can help us drift off more easily and sleep through the night. We sleep on a silk pillowcase for hair to transform our daily rest into a beautifying treatment! Silk protects the skin and hair, minimizing friction and preventing wrinkles, hair breakage and the dreaded ‘bed head’. What’s more, with a silk pillowcase, we can be sure our skincare stays on our skin for better results from our carefully selected actives.

Silk pillowcases to improve the health of our hair and skin

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is a healthy option. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antifungal. It is a completely natural protein with a similar pH to skin. Thus, a silk pillowcase can help to calm sensitive skin and to soothe the symptoms of acne, dermatitis, eczema and allergies.

Silk pillowcases for animal welfare and for the planet

Moonchild’s silk pillowcases and sleep masks are made from 100% Peace Silk. This means that we respect the lifecycle and the metamorphosis of the silk moth when sourcing the silk for our silk pillowcase and silk sleep mask production. Unlike conventional production methods, during which the silkworm cocoons are boiled with the caterpillars still inside, Moonchild respects animal welfare and uses only silk that has verifiably been produced without such cruel methods.

A Moonchild silk pillowcase for hair is safe. It is hand-dyed using natural dyes that are free from any harmful or potentially toxic substances. Our production methods are certified sustainable and we work directly with our suppliers and manufacturers using only direct, transparent supply chains.