FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

1. Do Moonchild Silk Pillowcases fit my Memory foam, Tempur or Neck pillow?

To find the right size for your favourite neck pillow - just measure the maximum scope and divide by two. That way you ensure to pay attention on heights and size. If needed, fold underneath on the inside.

2. Silk Pillows - how much Momme do they have?

Momme is a weight unit from Japan and typically found in east asian countries, such as China. Our special Silk comes from India and is measured in gram but would convert to about 22 Momme. Did you know that conventional Silk often contains a polyester blend and is soaked in silicone finished to make it shinier and heavier?

3. What is the grade of Moonchild Silk?

Moonchild uses only the best A+ grade Satin Silk, organically and ethically gained and woven under fair labour conditions in India. 

4. What makes Moonchild Silk organic, fair or sustainable?

Moonchild Silk is organic, that means no Pesticides, GMO's and chemical fertiliser are used for the Mulberry tree plantations. No chemicals are used in the degumming or weave process and most special - no silk worm is harmed when gaining the Silk from the cocoon. That makes our Silk ethical, fair, sustainable and organic. Read on in our Peace Silk Article.

5. Silk Pillow - how to wash?

Your delicate Silk can either be washed by hand or in the hand wash or delicate program in your washing machine. There's no need to give pillowcases to a special laundry service. They will also dry quickly. We recommend not to dry them in direct sunlight and rather laying down on a towel than hanging. Read on in our Article about Silk Care.

6. Silk Pillowcase - can I wash it in the washing machine?

It is totally safe to wash your Silk Pillowcases in the machine. Your pieces are best placed in a laundry bag. But don't tumble dry, as this might damage the gentle fibers.

7. Can I place Silk Pillowcases in the dryer?

Do not put your Silk pillows in the dryer as Silk is sensitive to heat and might shrink or get damaged.

8. How often can I wash my Silk Pillow? 

As Silk is naturally stain and dust repellent, there's no need to exchange your pillowcase too often. For normal use - a quick wash every week or every other week will do the job.

9. Can I wash my Silk Pillowcase with soap or shampoo?

Please don't ever! Even detergents for delicate fabrics might not be ideal, when they claim to be for Wool and Silk as both fabrics have different needs. The better you care for your Silk, the longer it will return the favour with long-lasting shine and smoothness. We recommend a special Silk Detergent and a hint of vinegar at the end of the washing cycle for that extra brilliance.

10. Is the ‚Salar de Uyuni‘ colour dyed?

Our natural colour is completely unbleached and uncoloured - just a natural raw beauty.

11. Satin vs Silk - what's the difference?

All Moonchild products are made from Satin Silk, that means 100% Silk in a Satin weave. Don't be fooled by Satin Pillowcases, that could be made of any fabric, such as Polyester, and might not be the real deal. Read on in our Article about the difference of Silk and Satin.

12. Why are Moonchild products more costly more than other brands?

We have a drastically different approach when it comes to the creation of our products. Instead of buying ready-made products from asian factories, we develop our products from scratch. Did you ever wonder why most Sleep Masks look alike? We make high-end quality more accessible by cutting out the middleman markups and work with factories that produce for luxury brands thus providing identical quality at competitive costs. Luxury is found in the details: our silk is truly ethical and organic and our seams are advanced french seams, that are used for high-end gowns. Our creation process is the epitome of slow fashion, we invest more thoughts and time to create truly high-end pieces.

13. Where and how do you manufacture your products?

All our products are manufactured in Europe. We import our Silk Satin and produce in factories and with seamstresses that produce for leading high-fashion brands, ensuring only the best quality craftsmanship and therefore long-lasting delight.

13. How do your suppliers support their workers?

Our supplier ensures fair working conditions along the whole supply chain. From the Mulberry plantation to Silk producers to the weavers, which all happens in India. That includes that no child labour and no forced labour is involved in the production. All workers a payed above living wage. Woman and man are payed equal. The supplier also creates employment opportunities in rural areas, allowing self dependency to woman and their children, enabling them to visit schools and set the foundation of their independence. 

14. Where do you source your fabrics and what certifications do your fabrics have?

We source our fabric directly in India to skip traditional industry mark-ups along the supply chain and be able to offer the highest quality at a competitive price point. Our supplier is GOTS-certified.

15. What do I do if my goods arrive damaged?

Drop us a line 24/7 at hej@moonchildsleep.com and our team makes sure to find a solution for any issue that might occur.

16. How do I track my order?

We will send you an email with your tracking when your order is processed.

17. Can I cancel or modify my order?

Please write us as long as your order is not yet processed to hej@moonchildsleep.com to let us know any changes.

18. How long do I wait before I get my refund or exchange?

All exchanges and refunds are processed within 2 to 5 working days.


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