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cruelty-free Mulberry Silk quality designed in Germany

Silk Sleep Mask + Travel Set - Wake Up Well-Rested And Beautiful

Luxury silk sleep mask with the innovative 3D-memory-core. Also available as travel set including comfy silk travel cushion. Organic Peace Silk, organic dye.


Silk Sleep Mask

A Luxurious Silk Sleep Mask

Get the beauty sleep you deserve. The Moonchild Silk Sleep Mask is made of 100% pure high-grade Mulberry Silk that is ultra-soft, keeps our skin hydrated and protects from wrinkles. A 3D-memory-effect core adapts gently to the eye bones. The Sleep Mask helps block out light and thus aids deeper rests and undisturbed travels.

Why Choose An Organic Silk Sleep Mask?

Mulberry Silk is called the queen of silk for its strength and wellness benefits. The more natural silk we keep it for our Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask, the more we benefit from its natural moisture- and temperature balancing superpowers. Only natural, organic Peace Silk keeps hair and skin hydrated, has positive effects on our sleeping conditions, is biodegradable, and environmentally-friendly.

A Peace Silk Sleep Mask can support minimising the physical friction caused by our movement during the night and therefore help prevent wrinkles around our eyes. It will also help our skin to stay hydrated. Silk absorbs less moisture or skin care products and causes less friction than conventional fabrics, such as cotton.

Benefits Of A Silk Sleep Mask

A Silk Sleep Mask keeps the sensitive skin around our eyes hydrated and blocks out the light. Darkness helps an undisturbed melatonin supply. It is no secret that we sleep better in darker environments and that limited screen time promotes better sleep. Even the smallest light source could distract us from getting the peaceful sleep we need. 

Our own sleep hormone melatonin plays a vital role in that. It influences our circadian rhythm. About two hours before sleep our body enhances melatonin production - if it is dark. If our eyes are exposed to light - the melatonin release is disrupted or even stopped and we wake up easily. This makes sense in the morning, but not during the night.


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