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Moonchild® Sustainable Silk Pillowcase

Silk Sleep Mask for sleep: a calming sleep mask for restful sleep and relaxed travels

Moonchild's luxurious signature silk sleep mask with its innovative 3D-memory-core offers the ultimate in travel comfort and ensures restful slumber and relaxation breaks, whether we're on the road or at home. To complete the experience, we complement our silk sleep mask with a silk travel pillow, or choose a travel set comprising a color-coordinated sleep mask and a pillowcase made of finest silk.


Silk Sleep Mask

Best silk sleep mask for relaxed travel

The luxurious, cruelty-free silk eye maskGet the beauty sleep you deserve, wherever you are! Whether as part of our wellness and self-care routine at home, or as a relaxation aid while traveling, the Moonchild Silk eye mask is made from 100% pure, high-quality, ethically produced Peace Silk. This ultra-soft silk sleep mask hydrates and helps prevent signs of premature skin aging, such as wrinkles and sleep lines. A 3-D memory effect core gently hugs the eye contour, effectively protecting the delicate eye area from distracting light. In a choice of elegant neutral colours, the Moonchild silk sleep mask is sure to be a loyal and stylish companion.Best silk sleep mask: how to chooseThe best silk sleep mask is the one that allows us to forget the outside world and gently drift off to sleep in a deeply relaxed state. The sleep hormone melatonin plays a crucial role in this. Since optimum melatonin production depends on darkness, the best sleep masks block as much light as possible. Even the smallest source of light could prevent us from getting the restorative sleep we need. If our eyes are exposed to light, melatonin production can be disrupted or even stopped, causing us to experience trouble falling asleep or waking up during the night. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship of the Moonchild silk eyemask, we can enjoy many years of restful slumber.

How a sleep mask brings relaxation into your everyday life

The benefits of a pure silk sleep mask
A silk sleep mask minimises skin friction caused by our movements during sleep, helping us to avoid wrinkles around the delicate eye area. Moonchild's sleep mask has an extra wide and soft elastic band, which is also enveloped in the finest silk, which prevents slipping and remains comfortable in all sleeping positions. A silk eyemask also protects the skin from drying out - silk draws less moisture from the skin and ensures that valuable skin care products stay on the skin, not on our sleep mask or pillow. The natural protein structure of silk fibres has anti-allergic and anti-fungal properties, making it especially well-suited for allergy sufferers, as well as those with skin problems.Organic silk sleep mask - Peace Silk - The sustainably good choiceWith a silk sleep mask from Moonchild we can relax with a clear conscience, knowing that we have made the sustainable and animal-friendly choice. Moonchild ensures highest quality standards across the board, including from an ethical point of view. In conventional silk production, silkworms are killed and toxic chemicals are used in the processing. Moonchild's silkworms are raised without the use of pesticides, toxic fertilizers or fungicides. They are allowed to complete the entire natural metamorphosis and hatch naturally. The silk is then woven under fair working conditions in Italy and further processed in sewing workshops renowned worldwide for their excellent quality.

Organic silk sleep mask

How a sleep mask brings relaxation into your everyday life
The silk sleep mask benefits reach beyond beauty. A relaxing silk eyemask can also provide relief during stressful times. Moonchild's soft pure silk sleep mask instantly soothes thanks to its cool, smooth surface and can also help relieve the discomfort of headaches and migraines. We enjoy the feel of the silk on our skin, to give our eyes a break from harsh artificial light, take ten deep, slow breaths and feel our body and mind calm.More relaxed travel with a soothing sleep maskTraveling is a beautiful thing, but for many people, it can be really stressful. Delays, fractious kids or even fear of flying can be extremely anxiety-inducing. A silk eye mask can help here too. Try Moonchild's relaxation ritual on your next trip or when everything just feels too much for you in your fast-paced everyday life.Close your eyesPut on your silk eyemaskFeel the soft, cool silk on your skin and let the mask hug the eye contour and templesTake a long, deep breath to center yourselfFeel how the darkness immediately relaxes the eye areaContinue breathing slowly and steadily. If iyou like, try to breathe out a little longer than you breathe in.Enjoy a meditative pause or allow yourself to drift off to sleepWhen you are ready, remove the sleep mask and see your world through new eyes!Enjoy restful deep sleep and tranquility no matter where you areYou can enjoy using your beautifully finished Moonchild sleep mask for many years. A silk eye mask for sleeping is naturally stain-resistant and can be carefully steamed or hand-washed. To maintain optimal shape, avoid dryers and wringing. Ideally, the silk sleep mask should be laid flat on a towel to dry, away from direct sunlight. We recommend using Moonchild Silk Wash to care for the silk sleep mask and ensure long-lasting shine, colour and softness. Moonchild's sleep mask silk comes with a storage bag to protect it when not in use.Made from ethically produced Peace Silk, the Moonchild silk sleep mask is available in two sizes. Check the size chart to ensure a perfect fit.