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cruelty-free Mulberry Silk quality designed in Germany

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Silk Pillowcase For Hair And Skin

Silk Pillowcase For Hair

A silk pillowcase does not directly make our hair grow, but it does have some benefits for the overall health of our hair. Consider it rather a silk pillowcase against hair breakage than a silk pillowcase for hair growth. Hair growth is supported by a healthy scalp, nutrition and overall health. A silk pillowcase as part of our hair care routine will promote healthier and thus potentially longer growing hair.

To obtain all natural benefits, we keep our silk organic with no blended fibers, chemical finishes, pesticides on the plantages or harsh chemicals. Our silk is cruelty-free and harm-free. A silk pillowcase keeps our skin and hair hydrated overnight.

Silk Pillowcase For Skin

Silk is the easiest way to prevent wrinkles. A genuine silk pillowcase won't soak up moisture and cosmetics from hair and skin and helps reduce friction. Friction causes hair cuticles to stand up, which leads to frizz and split ends. Reduced friction also helps prevent sleep creases. 

Only natural, organic silk keeps hair and skin hydrated, has positive effects on our sleeping conditions, is biodegradable, and environmentally-friendly. A Peace Silk Pillowcase can support minimising the physical friction caused by our movement during the night and therefore help prevent those sleep lines. It will also help our skin to stay hydrated. Silk absorbs less moisture or skin care products and causes less friction than conventional fabrics, such as cotton.

Silk Pillowcase: How To Wash?

A silk pillowcase is naturally stain repellent. Washing the pillowcases once a week should do the job in most cases. With a cold or any severe skin condition it is recommended to generelly wash linens more frequently. Silk drys quickly.

Pillowcases made of pure Mulberry silk can be washed easily and quickly in the delicate cycle in cold water (max. 30°). Choose a Silk detergent developed exclusively for silk, such as the Moonchild Silk Detergent.