Sleep on harm-free Silk, Love

prevent wrinkles and split ends - asleep

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Put your head asleep

Put your precious head asleep

on consciously made silk pillowcases.

I can tell which side you prefer to sleep on - by fine lines in your face.

Dr. Marion Runnebaum (Dermatologist)

I have always been confused about my natural curly hair. All my life I was struggling with dry and frizzy broken hair. Once in a while there was a good hair day, but after I slept it was a complete disaster and I had to wash my hair again to make it look fresh and healthy, but this routine damaged my hair even more. Today I am using pure silk to sleep on. I can’t believe how my life changed, my hair stays hydrated and the products stay in! The side effect is, the same happens to my face - a true game changer!

Nadine Alyana

Impossible to sleep on anything else but silk. I travel everywhere with my travel sized one.

Tommy W.

Tender Silk

Good for you hair and skin.

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Sustainably made

Organic, fair produced, no toxins used.

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Peace Silk

100 % cruelty-free silk: no silk worms being harmed.

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