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100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase 🦋 caterpillar-friendly free 🌎 shipping from 200€/$

Sleep, Look And Feel Better With The Organic Silk Pillowcase, Love

healthy hair and glowy skin overnight with cruelty-free silk

get your beauty sleep

We're Moonchild and we want a

Genuine All-Natural Silk Pillowcase - To Wake Up With Healthy Hair And Skin

The more natural silk is kept, the more we benefit from its skin-loving superpowers.

Silk with no harmful impact on the environment, animals and us: cruelty-free + toxin-free.

As high-end tailored as a precious gown - only advanced french seams do justice to the queen of textiles.

get your luxe silk pillowcase

Moonchild is seen in

'To sleep on silk helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and split ends.'

'A cruelty-free brand that's sustainable.'

'A thousand's of years old fiber - tender but powerful.'

'Get the beauty sleep you deserve.'

'Sleep Mask 2.0: Lavender filled Eye Pillow to help us unwind.'

'THE Sleep Mask for deeper rests at night and undisturbed travels.'

'Ultimate companion for smoother travels and sleepovers.'

'Gorgeous Travel Set with Memory Foam Sleep Mask.'

'You'll only have good dreams with these silk pillows.'

'A great beauty trick.'

'Hibernate - products that make beautiful over night.'

'Moonchild adds a contemporary makeover to a forgotten beauty secret.'

'Moonchild adds a contemporary makeover to a forgotten beauty secret.'

Zoom Peace Silk Pillowcase / all sizes - Moonchild
Zoom Peace Silk Pillowcase / all sizes
Zoom Peace Silk Pillowcase / all sizes
Zoom Moonchild Organic Silk Pillowcase cruelty free biodegradable pesticide free
Zoom Moonchild Organic Silk Pillowcase Rosé Champagne
Zoom Peace Silk Pillowcase / all sizes - Moonchild
Zoom Moonchild Organic Silk Pillowcase Rosé Champagne
Zoom Peace Silk Pillowcase / all sizes - Moonchild
Zoom Peace Silk Pillowcase / all sizes - Moonchild
Zoom Silk Pillowcase Moonchild Peace Silk
Zoom Organic Peace Silk Pillowcase Moonchild
Zoom Peace Silk Pillowcase / all sizes - Moonchild
Zoom Moonchild Silk Detergent Goodie
Zoom Peace Silk Pillowcase / all sizes

Organic Peace Silk Pillowcase

Sleep, Look and Feel Better with cruelty-free and GOTS-certified Silk

Luxe pillowcases tailored in manufacturers that produce for the world's leading high-fashion brands. Each Moonchild pillowcase goes through the same dedicated design process and hands as a precious designer gown. Only advanced french seams do justice to the queen of textiles and will pay off with long-lasting delight. Our pillowcases close with elegant and enduring envelope closure.

Moonchild is made with ♡ in Germany.

Including 50ml Moonchild Silk Wash goodie and exclusive gift box.

We believe in nourishing and restoring beauty sleep for beauty from within, glowy skin and healthy hair 🌙💤 Silk supports our beauty sleep with reduced friction and helps create an ideal sleep climate. The more natural Silk is kept, the more we benefit from its superpowers.

Moonchild combines organic and luxury like no other Silk products on the market: with unique signature tailoring and the best grade ethical 100% Mulberry Silk. Our Silk protects the natural metamorphosis 🐛 is a safe choice for the animals, environment and us: no pesticides or toxins used 🦋

Sleep better

Silk helps us sweat less in summer and stay cozy in winter, absorbs skincare less and keeps hair and skin hydrated.

Defy wrinkles and split ends

Silk reduces friction, thus helps prevent wrinkles, split ends and the dreaded bed head. Name an easier beauty tool!

Cruelty-free Peace Silk

protects the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly - no given in the conventional industry that still boils them alive.

Organic and sustainable

We keep silk all-natural to obtain all benefits - no mixed fibres, pesticides or harmful chemicals. Our silk is durable and fully biodegradable.

Clean Beauty

Our silk is free of harmful toxins and dyed sustainably. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and a relief for those with allergies.

Dermatologically recommended

to soothe sensitive skin and symptoms of neurodermatitis, acne or eczema. Silk is the fibre most similar to our skin.

I can tell which side you prefer to sleep on - by fine lines in your face. I recommend satin silk pillowcases to defy the signs of ageing.

Dr. Marion RunnebaumDermatologist

I always struggled with my dry and frizzy natural curls. After sleeping I had to wash my hair again to make it look healthy and shiny. Today I sleep on a Moonchild silk pillow. My hair stays hydrated, the products stay in and the same happens to my skin - a true game changer!

Nadine Alyana E.Model

I travel everywhere with my Moonchild travel sized silk pillow and sleep mask - what a treat.

Nigel DeanLuxury Travel Agent

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Organic Silk Pillowcase

We challenged ourselves to create truly organic silk pillowcases and ethical silk products, like our silk sleep masks and scrunchies. A certain slow fashion approach enables us to save our little silk caterpillar friends during production. They live their full metamorphosis and become the beautiful butterfly they destined to be, when not harmed by the industrial production process.

Sustainable Silk Pillowcase

Peace Silk has exceptional gains: the silk itself and the whole production process are fully committed to sustainability. This means that no pesticides, toxic fertilisers, insecticides or fungicides are used during the silk production. Whereas conventional silk production needs toxic salts like barium, chromium, lead or iron. Our sustainable peace silk pillowcaseare produced without any harsh chemicals.

Ethical Silk Pillowcase

We already understand and know about the wide range of benefits of sleeping on silk pillowcases. Since ethical silk pillowcases were quite hard to find, we emphasized on the ethical aspect of the whole production process. Our core principle is to create cruelty-free and truly ethical silk pillowcases. That is how we provide ethical-minded dreamers with a perfect alternative to conventional silk pillowcases.


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