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Sleep Mask 2.0: Lavender filled Eye Pillow to help us unwind.

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Better sleep

Silk helps to balance a pleasant sleeping climate: it cools in summer and warms in winter. It is less absorbent than other fabrics, leaves precious skincare products where they belong and keeps skin moisturized.

Defy wrinkles and split ends

Our smooth mulberry silk satin creates less friction than conventional fabrics and thus prevents sleep wrinkles, split ends and the dreaded bed head. Hair and skin care made easy.

Cruelty-free Peace Silk

Peace Silk allows silkworms to become the beautiful butterflies they are supposed to become - not a given in the conventional silk industry, where silk worms are boiled alive. Ahimsā or Peace Silk match our animal rights standards.

Organic and sustainable

We keep silk organic and sustainable - no mixed fibres or chemical finishes - which is a common practice. We don't use pesticides on the mulberry trees and no harsh chemicals during production. Our silk is strong, durable and 100% biodegradable thereafter.

Clean Beauty

Our silk is free of harmful toxins. We dye in Germany according to Oeko-Tex standard. Silk is hypoallergenic and acts as a natural dust mites and fungal repellant. No chance for bugs, mold and bacteria - and a relief for those with allergies.

Dermatologically recommended

Silk is an organic protein with pH-levels that match those of our skin. Its smooth and soft texture is recommended by dermatologists to sooth sensitive skin or skin conditions such as neurodermatitis, acne or eczema.

I can tell which side you prefer to sleep on - by fine lines in your face. I recommend satin silk pillowcases to defy the signs of ageing.

Dr. Marion Runnebaum (Dermatologist)

I was always struggling with my natural curly, dry and frizzy broken hair. Occasional good hair days turned into disaster after I slept and I had to wash my hair again to make it look fresh and healthy, but this routine damaged my hair even more. Today I sleep on Moonchild silk. I can’t believe how my life changed, my hair stays hydrated and the products stay in! The side effect is, the same happens to my face - a true game changer!

Nadine Alyana E. (Model)

I travel everywhere with my Moonchild travel sized silk pillow and sleep mask.

Nigel Dean (Luxury Travel Agent)

Where does Moonchild Silk come from?

What makes it so special?

Is it ethical, organic, sustainable and fair?

Find all answers to your most asked questions.

Sarah Wittig, Founder

"When I could not find, what I was looking for - I immediately knew I had to make it myself: truly organic and high-end tailored Silk Pillowcases to rest on with a good conscience. All other products just came naturally. I wasn't the biggest fan of conventional Sleep Masks, so I knew how to please a demanding sleeper."

Peace Silk Sleep Mask

Aesthetics meet function with this innovative Sleep Mask. Soft Silk with a barely-there-touch encases a memory-effect-core that gently adapts to our sensitive eye area while avoiding pressure on our eyeballs.

Organic Silk Pillowcase

We challenged ourselves to create truly organic silk pillowcases and ethical silk products, such as our sleep masks and scrunchies. A certain slow fashion approach enables us to save our little silk caterpillar friends during production. They live their full metamorphosis and become the beautiful butterfly they destined to be, when not harmed by the industrial production process.

Sustainable Silk Pillowcase

Peace Silk has exceptional gains: not only the silk itself but the whole production process is fully committed to sustainability. This means that no pesticides, toxic fertilisers, insecticides or fungicides are used during the silk production. Whereas conventional silk production needs toxic salts like Barium, Chromium, Lead or Iron sustainable silk pillowcases are produced without such harsh chemicals.

Ethical Silk Pillowcase

We already understand and know about the wide range of benefits of sleeping on silk pillowcases. Since ethical silk pillowcases were quite hard to find, we emphasized on the ethical aspect of the whole production process. Our core principle is to create cruelty-free and therefore truly ethical silk pillowcases. Thus we provide ethical-minded sleepers with a perfect alternative to conventional silk pillowcases.