How to take care of Silk

Do I need to wash the pillowcase after I bought it?

Moonchild does not use chemicals, so it is totally save to use your pillowcase without a prior wash. You can wash if you want to - but you don't need to.

Handwash or handwash program? 

If you wash by hand please make sure to check for the right temperature and wash your pieces gently. A low washing temperature of 20° celsius shall do the job in most of the cases as silk is naturally stain repellent. Silk can be washed up to 30° celsius. Otherwise it's save to use the hand wash program in your washing machine. Make sure not to tumble dry. Do not wring and dry flat, ideally on a towel.

Can I iron Silk?

Yes, as long as you iron on the lowest level and make sure to iron inside out. Don't steam silk, but you can iron silk when it still is a little damp. Iron fast and extensive in order to not burn the silk. Avoid to spray water on silk fabrics as water may leave stains.

Why has my Silk lost shine?

Silk can loose its shine when the fibre roughens up. Which is caused when washed too hot, with a wrong detergent or when exposed to too much UV light, deodorant or perfume. A hint of vinegar at the end of a washing cycle may help to get its lost shine back.

How do I get the shine back on Silk?

Fill a tub or large container with cold to luke warm water and carefully and slowly move your pieces back and forth. Use enough water, exchange it and add a tablespoon of vinegar per litre water and let it sit for a few minutes. Don't rinse when you remove it from the water, just press it out carefully, let it dry flat until it is just a little damp and iron inside out and with the vinegar-water-mix still on. 

Why is my Silk brittle or cracked?

Silk gets dry and brittle when the filament is damaged. This occurs when the wrong detergent is used or it was rubbed harshly when wet. Please be aware that conventional mild detergents are not recommended for silk. Even if they claim to be used for wool and silk, please keep in mind that both fabrics have opposite needs to be taken care for. Please do not use regular Shampoo or soap to wash your silk.

The Moonchild Silk Bath meets the special needs of silk. It won't dry the fabric out and nurtures the gentle fibres. Our special detergent cleans with low temperature although it does not contain harsh chemicals. 

How do I remove stains from silk?

Try not to rub silk. Instead try to dab some silk detergent on the stain, let is soak for a few minutes and wash as usual. Stubborn spots can be soaked in detergent for up to 20 minutes and gently dabbed out with a cotton cloth.