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Moonchild® Sustainable Silk Pillowcase

In times of great haste, we dare to pause.

We cultivate sleep.

Because we believe that good habits create a good life and that the way we do anything is the way we create everything.

Moonchild® Sustainable Silk Pillowcase

From our founder Sarah


I wanted to sleep peacefully on silk that was produced without harming silkworms and without potentially harmful chemicals.

Driven by my desire for goods that are both luxurious and sustainably made, I started Moonchild.

By preserving silk in its natural state, we maximize its beautifying superpowers, ensuring that we can sleep soundly knowing we have made an informed and conscious choice.

Wishing you sweet dreams, loves!

Built on the foundation of environmental, animal and human welfare.

Moonchild® Sustainable Silk Pillowcase

Protecting mother earth

Our decision to use organic silk is not only a responsible and sustainable choice for ourselves, but also for the world we live in. By avoiding the use of toxic pesticides, fertilizers, and GMOs, we help protect the environment, the farmers and garment producers too.

The use of such chemicals has been linked to a range of health problems, from headaches to chronic illnesses, cancer, reproductive damage, and endocrine disruption. By utilizing 100% natural, biodegradable silk without any polyester blends, we are able to avoid these risks and reap all benefits of a truly eco-conscious choice.

Moonchild® Sustainable Silk Pillowcase

Radically ethical

The transformation of caterpillar to butterfly is a natural wonder that our Ahimsa silk aims to protect. Ahimsa is translated as 'nonviolence' in Sanskrit. We exclusively only use residual cocoons the butterfly has hatched from.

Our producers ensure fair and regulated working conditions. The hand-dyeing process utilizes only non-toxic, certified organic colors, furthering our commitment to sustainable and ethical practices.

Moonchild® Sustainable Silk Pillowcase

Luxurious craftsmanship

Each Moonchild piece is masterfully hand-tailored using time-honored techniques by seamstresses producing for the world's leading high-fashion houses. Each piece goes through the same dedicated design process and hands as our favorite designer gowns.

We work directly with family-owned manufacturers. Their craft has been past from generations to generations. This allows control of a transparent supply chain and the quality ensures longevity - another sustainability add-on. We could not do it any other way.

ŌM chandrāya namah

- we extend our respect and honor to the moon

We’re children of the moon. We live and love through the ever-changing cycles within and around us. We are in tune with the moon’s rhythms; we release as it wanes and manifest as it waxes. We feel connected to nature and the divine. 

Moonchild’s waxing crescent moon symbolises the force of change: right when the new moon takes its first step towards fullness with its surface slightly illuminated by the sun. This is the moon phase to encourage positivity and faith and breathing life into our boldest dreams.