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In times of great haste, we dare to pause. We demand quality for phases of rest - with silk that is signature tailored, toxin- and cruelty-free. So we can sleep, look and feel better.

We create Moonchild in appreciation of all living beings and real craftsmanship. Our silk protects the caterpillar's metamorphoses to butterflies, and we honour it with refined workmanship - to offer sophisticated dreamers a deluxe experience like no other on the market.

Certified organic

Moonchild protects mother earth

Our organic silk is a healthy and eco-conscious choice for us and the world we live in: gained without toxic pesticides, fertilisers or GMOs, that can be unsafe for the environment, farmers, garment producers and us consumers, too. 

Exposure to pesticides is linked to a range of health issues from headaches to chronic illnesses, cancer, reproductive damage and endocrine disruption. Our silk is 100% natural and biodegradable, without polyester blends and we benefit from that.

The closer silk is left to its natural state, the greater its beautifying superpowers.

Animal, environmental + social welfare

Moonchild is radically ethical

Our silk protects the natural metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly. We only use residual cocoons the butterfly has hatched from.

Our silk is toxin-free and certified organic. We trace its origin right back to the source. Our producers ensure fair and regulated working conditions. We hand-dye with non-toxic organic certified colours.

Luxury is in the details

Moonchild - craftsmanship

Each Moonchild piece is masterfully crafted using time-honored techniques by artisans producing for the world's leading high-fashion houses. Each piece goes through the same dedicated design process and hands as our favourite designer gowns. 

We could not do it any other way. This allows control of a transparent supply chain and ensures longevity - another sustainability add-on.

Quality + value

We can afford to live well with Moonchild

A consumer-centric approach allows us to make an advanced sleeping experience accessible. A lower overhead enables us to provide the signature tailoring of leading luxury brands yet offer obsessively high quality at competitive price points.

From our founder Sarah


'When I couldn't find what I was searching for, I developed it myself: truly luxurious, organic silk pillowcases to sleep on with a good conscience. I was no sleep mask person and thus knew how to please demanding dreamers. My M-O as a lifelong vegetarian and animal welfare advocate led me naturally to the creation of this female-led, independent impact brand.'

ŌM chandrāya namah

- we extend our respect and honour to the moon

We’re children of the moon. We live and love through the ever-changing cycles within and around us. We are in tune with the moon’s rhythms; we release as it wanes and manifest as it waxes. We feel connected to nature and the divine. 

Moonchild’s waxing crescent moon symbolises the force of change: right when the new moon takes its first step towards fullness with its surface slightly illuminated by the sun. This is the moon phase to encourage positivity and faith and breathing life into our boldest dreams.


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