Woman covered in Moonchild Silk


We created Moonchild in appreciation of all living beings and real craftsmanship - to offer the sophisticated sleeper an experience unlike any other on the market.

Our sustainable and luxurious sleep goods are handcrafted in Germany and made of cruelty-free Peace Silk, which protects the metamorphosis from silkworm to butterfly. 

What we believe

We are committed to create safe and conscious silk textiles to elevate our every night's peaceful and restoring sleep. Our fabrics are organic. Our mulberry trees are grown without toxic pesticides, fertilisers or GMOs and the production process involves no harmful toxins, which can be unsafe for the environment, farmers, garment producers and us consumers, too. The exposure to pesticides is linked to a range of health issues, from headaches to chronic illnesses, cancer, reproductive damage and endocrine disruption. Organic silk and cotton are a healthy and eco-conscious choice for us and the world we live in. 

How we do it

The entire Moonchild supply chain is as clean and responsible as one could possibly achieve it. We source our fabric directly from the producer. We work with small factories and seamstresses that produce for leading high-fashion brands. This allows clear control and knowledge of our supply chain and ensures great quality and durability, which is another gain in sustainability. Our direct-to-consumer approach enables us to skip traditional industry mark ups and offer obsessively high quality at competitive costs. 

Moonchild follows a no-waste and low-impact approach: our dedicated pattern-making process enables us to use all of our precious fabric, contrary to industrial production, where one third goes to landfill as unused cut-off. Our coloured collections are dyed in Europe with non-toxic Oeko-tex certified colours. Textile finishing for our silk is done with organic oils and for our mercerised cotton in a sustainable closed loop-process.

Why we do it

Our fabrics are 100% natural and biodegradable. We abstain from polyester blend fabrics, that can hardly be recycled at all. Our fabrics are toxin-free and GOTS-certified. Their origin can be traced right back to the source and they come from producers that ensure fair and regulated working conditions. 

A tremendous amount of handwork goes into every detail. Our products are beautifully handcrafted whereby they achieve their one-of-a-kind look. Our cruelty-free Peace Silk is a real hand-woven gem, which adds to the already unique character. That is how we get a clean and honest product that we can rest on with a good conscience - because the world deserves our best and well rested version.