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Why Beauty Sleep Is No Fairy Tale

1. Sleeping Beauty - Why Real Beauty Happens Overnight

We all know and probably have used the term 'I need my beauty sleep’ before. Let’s immerse into the truth behind that saying.

Let’s face it - true beauty comes from within. When we had a couple of ultra relaxing nights where we slept in - our skin just glows differently. And there is proof of it. Scientific research makes clear that sleep is essential at any age and improves our mental health. Insomnia increases the likelihood of depression by 10 times and anxiety by 5 times. Sleep supports a better concentration and memory and boosts our productivity and efficiency of workouts.

While our skin operates mostly in protection mode during the day - all the repair mechanisms happen overnight. And our skin is the cell renewal expert in our body since skin renews itself every four weeks. That means by the age of 60 our skin renewed itself more than 3.000 times. To add another fun fact - by the age of 60 we have spent 20 years asleep. Sleep powers our mind, strengthens every system in our body and is a non-negligible necessity to look and feel good.

2. Detoxing Beauty Sleep - The Science Of Beauty Sleep

So what happens during all that precious sleeping time with our skin? When we are awake toxins build up in our cells, that means in our brain, body and skin. Our body uses the time when we are asleep to detox as studies suggest1While sleeping we create anti-inflammatory cytokines, which help heal and reduce the damages of sun exposure and pollution. During a good night's sleep our body metabolizes excess toxins and fluid.

Our skin is ideally supplied with blood and oxygen and our collagen production happens overnight. Collagen is a protein that supports the strength and elasticity of our connective tissue and is vital for healthy skin. Sleep deprivation leads to collagen loss causing more wrinkles and fine lines.

3. How Melatonin Supports Our Beauty Sleep

It is no secret that we sleep better in darker environments and that a limited screen time promotes better sleep. Even the smallest light source could distract us from getting the peaceful sleep we need. Our own sleep hormone melatonin plays a vital role in that. It influences our circadian rhythm. About two hours prior to sleep our body enhances melatonin production - if it is dark. If our eyes are exposed to light - the melatonin release is disrupted or even stopped and we wake up easily2This makes sense in the morning, but not during the night.

4. How Silk Supports Beauty Sleep

a. Beauty Benefits of a Silk Sleep Mask

An undisturbed melatonin supply is why sleep masks are a great tool to optimize our sleep. Sleep Masks give some extra protection for the sensitive skin around our eyes and aid deeper rests and relaxation during travels and at night. A sleep mask helps create a dark and undisturbed environment, thus ensures a stable melatonin release and supports our undisturbed beauty sleep.

b. What is the Magic Behind a Silk Pillowcase? Silk Benefits for Skin

There’s more to a satin silk pillowcase than just a precious fabric. Silk supports the cellular regeneration of our skin overnight ideally. The extracted silk protein, called fibroin, is scientifically proven to support wound healing and is used in chinese medicine for a long time3. So far all the existing studies tested the effect of extracted liquid silk protein. Those studies are done with liquified silk and we sleep on silk in a solid physical state. But those findings prove that silk is soothing rather than irritating.

The most obvious factor is that its smooth surface causes less friction and therefore irritates our skin less. Both - our skin and hair benefit greatly from sleeping on silk. The protein building blocks of silk are similar to our skin. Read on about how a Silk Pillowcase helps prevent Wrinkles and Split Ends.

c. But what are the Silk Benefits for our Sleep?

Silk has some other great benefits given by nature. The organic protein has matching pH-levels to our skin, is less absorbent than other fabrics, such as cotton, keeps our skin hydrated and won’t soak off precious skincare products overnight. Silk is naturally temperature regulating and helps us keep a pleasant body temperature during the night. This is because the long-threaded capillary system releases excess heat to the environment and helps prevent us from evaporative cooling, thus to sleep better.

The dense satin fibres won’t allow dust and dirt to build up in the fabric. One pillow can inhabit 400.000 dust mites and we can have allergic reactions to their excretions. A clean pillow case prevents irritations that can occur from skin cells, creme residue and sweat from previous nights. 

Silk is hypo-allergenic, antibacterial and anti-fungal and therefore ultra hygienic and a relief for everyone suffering from skin and health conditions, such as acne, neurodermatitis or asthma. Read on in our article about the Benefits of Silk to understand why silk helps us to sleep, look and feel better. Check Our products Peace Silk.



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