The Benefits of Silk

Silk improves the quality of sleep

Silk can improve the quality of sleep because of its ultra comfortable feel. The soothing silk fibre is naturally balancing the moisture and temperature of your skin and adds extra comfort to an already luxurious feel. The power of silk helps you stay warm and cozy in winter and refreshingly cools in summer.

The all-around luxurious feel and special features make silk an ideal nightly companion that supports restful nights and a deep sleep state.

Benefits of silk satin: glowy skin and healthy hair

Silk is an organic protein with pH-levels that match those of our skin. The smooth silk fibres create less friction than conventional fabrics and thus help to prevent sleep wrinkles, split ends and a dreaded bed head. Silk does not conduct static electricity, allowing for a completely peaceful sleep.

An added benefit for night-time cosmetic users is that silk wont draw moisture away from skin and helps keep precious cosmetics on skin and hair during sleep. Please be aware that satin is not the same as silk. Satin is the way a fabric is weaved and can be made of polyester - whereas our Moonchild silk is 100% natural silk - in an ultra-soft satin-weave.

Silk is hypoallergenic - hygienic 

For allergy sufferers, a great benefit is that silk is hypoallergenic and therefore does not attract dust mites and acts as a natural fungal repellant. Bugs, mold and bacteria are the only ones who do not like silk. Which makes total sense since the silkworm weaves the silk as a cocoon around itself in order to protect from those exact enemies during its metamorphosis. 

Silk is naturally dust and stain resistant and therefore an ideal bed companion for those with allergies or asthma. Its smooth and soft texture is recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin or those with skin conditions such as neurodermatitis, acne or eczema.

The durability of silk

The high quality Moonchild silk is strong, durable, and can be used for many years if cared properly. We recommend using the Moonchild Delicate Silk Bath to wash our products and to use the hand wash/gentle program with a maximum temperature of 30° Celsius. Read more about caring for Moonchild silk in our article about Silk Care.

The benefits of harm-free Peace Silk

The production of Peace Silk allows silkworms to become the beautiful butterflies they are supposed to become - a process that is unfortunately not a given in the conventional silk industry - which is why we take great care to ensure that Peace Silk matches our high standards for animal rights and sustainability.

This includes ensuring that no pesticides are used for the mulberry trees on which the silkworm grows and that no harsh chemicals are used in the production process or as a finish. It is a win-win on both sides: no silkworm is harmed and you get the beauty of silk in its most pure and honest form.