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Does A Silk Pillowcase Prevent Wrinkles And Help Hair Growth?

Why do I need a Silk Pillowcase?

First of all, sleeping on Silk feels great. Once we have tried, we were immediately hooked and found it hard to switch back to any other pillowcase. Consider yourself being warned of the addictive potential. A Silk Pillowcase not only makes a great and lazy beauty tool, but also helps to enhance our sleeping climate and overall sleep quality. Now let us see how far its beauty enhancing qualities reach. Will a Silk Pillowcase really help our hair grow and make wrinkles disappear?

Silk Pillowcase for Hair Growth

A Silk Pillowcase will not directly make our hair grow, but has some benefits for the overall health of our hair. Consider it rather a Silk Pillowcase against hair breakage than a Silk Pillowcase for hair growth. Hair growth is supported by a healthy scalp, nutrition and overall health. A Silk Pillowcase as part of our hair care routine will promote healthier and thus potentially longer growing hair.  

Expression Lines, Sleep Lines, Sleep Creases, Sleep Wrinkles - what's the difference?

We all heard of the many forms of wrinkles: crow's feet, frowns line or marionette lines, but not all wrinkles are alike. When we mature, our skin decreases of elasticity and thickness. We might get dynamic lines from facial expressions, actinic folds from sun damage and static wrinkles caused by gravity and loss of volume. In the morning we see temporary lines in our décolleté and face. The older we get, the longer they will need to disappear until they eventually stay.

There is some common sense on how to maintain the glow and young look of our skin. Which are to avoid: UV-radiation, smoking, alcohol and stress; to stay hydrated, eat nutritious and avoid inflammation. A Peace Silk Pillowcase can support minimising the physical friction caused by our movement during the night and therefore help prevent those sleep lines. It will also help our skin to stay hydrated.

Sleep Wrinkles Sleep Lines vs Expression Lines

Silk Pillowcase vs Cotton Pillowcase

To understand the mechanics behind the Silk Pillowcase Magic we must consider that the average sleeper loses 0.5 to 2 litres water and spins 30 to 80 times - per night. Our body dehydrates and our hair strands rub on another and on the surface, which leads hair cuticles to stand up and cause dull and frizzy hair. 

Conventional textiles, such as Cotton, are more absorbent than Silk. They can wick away the natural moisture of our hair and skin and will more probably soak up precious cosmetics during the night. Hair reduced of moisture is more prone to breakage and the dreaded bed head in the morning. Skin reduced of moisture is more prone to sleep creases and wrinkles. Silk helps reduce friction and our hair and skin to stay hydrated.

Vegan Satin Pillowcase Alternatives

Satin and Silk are often used simultaneously but are in fact not the same. Since that is a whole other topic, we suggest to read further about the difference of a Silk Pillowcase and a Satin Pillowcase.

Vegan Silk in most of the cases means Polyester, which is a synthetic petroleum-based fibre made from carbon-intense non-renewable resources. It is the most commonly used fibre in our current textile industry. It is non-biodegradable and takes more than 200 years to decompose. Tiny micro-particles dissolved during washing, will end up in our waters, eventually leading to ocean pollution build-up and circle back to us in plastic polluted sea food. Polyester Satin Pillowcases are not organic and will not have the natural Benefits of a Silk Pillowcase. Vegan does not automatically equal healthy or environmental-friendly. Is Peace Silk vegan? Depending on perspective and definition we would argue yes, since animals are not harmed; at least it is vegan-friendly. 


A genuine Silk Pillowcase won't soak up moisture and cosmetics from hair and skin and helps reduce friction. Friction causes hair cuticles to stand up, which leads to frizz and split ends. Reduced friction also helps prevent sleep creases. Only natural, organic Silk keeps hair and skin hydrated, has positive effects on our sleeping conditions, is biodegradable and environmentally-friendly.


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