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How to Wash: Silk Pillowcase? How to Take Care of Silk!

3 min read. Caring for silk is easy! Here's how:

Can you wash silk pillows? Washing silk pillowcase - do I need to wash before use?

How taking care of silk is actually easy! Moonchild does not use harmful chemicals, so it is safe to use the pillowcase without a prior wash. You can wash if you want to - but do not need to.

How to wash a silk pillowcase: hand wash or machine wash?

If you wash your silk pillowcase by hand make sure to check for the right temperature and to wash your precious pieces gently. What temperature to wash silk? A low washing temperature shall do the job in most of the cases as silk is naturally stain-repellent. Silk can be washed up to 30°C or 85°F. It is safe to use the delicates cycle or hand wash program of the washing machine:

  • turn inside out
  • wash colours separately
  • use a laundry bag
  • do not rub on stains
  • do not tumble dry
  • do not wring
  • dry flat, ideally on a towel
  • iron on low inside out
  • DO: use silk detergent
  • DON'T: use fabric softener, shampoo or conventional detergent
  • HACK: place a dry towel during the spin cycle to soak up excess fluid and for a faster drying

Can you iron silk? How to iron silk and get wrinkles out of silk

You can iron silk as long as you iron on low heat and make sure to iron inside out. Do not steam silk, but silk is ironed best when still a little damp. Iron quickly and extensively to not burn the silk. Avoid spraying water on silk fabrics as water may leave stains. If you need to iron on high heat, place a cotton towel in between.

Why has my silk lost shine?

Silk can loose its shine when the fibre roughens up. This is caused when washed too hot, with the wrong detergent or when overexposed to UV light, deodorant or perfume. A hint of vinegar at the end of a washing cycle (or in the fabric softener compartment) may help to get its lost shine back.

How do I get the shine back on silk?

Fill a tub or large container with cold to luke warm water and carefully and slowly move the pieces back and forth. Use enough water, exchange it and add a tablespoon of vinegar per litre to let it sit for a few minutes. Do not rinse once removed from the vinegar water, just press it out carefully, let dry flat until it is just a little damp and iron inside out. The odour will disappear.

Why is my silk brittle or cracked?

Silk gets dry and brittle when the filament is damaged. This occurs when the wrong detergent is used or the fabric was rubbed harshly when wet. Please be aware that conventional mild detergents are not recommended for silk. Even if they claim to be used for wool and silk, please keep in mind that both fabrics have opposite needs to be taken care of. Please refrain from the use of regular shampoo or soap to wash silk.

The Moonchild silk detergent meets the special needs of silk. It won't dry out the fabric and nurtures the gentle fibres. Our special mild detergent cleans with low temperature.

How do I remove stains from silk?

Do not rub silk. Instead, try to dab some silk detergent on the stain, let it soak for a few minutes and wash as usual. Stubborn spots can be soaked in detergent for 20 minutes and gently dabbed with a cotton cloth.

How often to wash silk pillowcase?

Washing a silk pillowcase once a week or every other week shall do the job in most cases as silk is naturally stain and dust repellent. Silk is antimicrobial and a relief for those with allergies. Unless you have skin conditions or feel sick, then we would recommend washing your silk pillowcase more frequent to avoid reinfections.

How to dry: silk pillowcase?

A silk pillowcase is easily be dried in the shadow. Best dry laying flat on a towel, so it can soak up access liquid. Sun shall generally be avoided for silk as it may dry out the fibre. Silk dries super quick and is actually quite convenient when a few steps are considered.

How to store silk and how to protect silk and delicates

Treat and clean your delicates and silk before you store them, as dirt particles may attract bugs. Always store them in a dark and dry place that is protected from insects. Do not store in plastic as the fabric needs to breathe. Storage in plastic could encourage mold and moisture that could yellow silk. Delicates including silk are best stored in cotton bags or paper boxes. Keep your Moonchild paper gift box to store your silk pillowcases while it is not in use.

Why choose organic silk?

We benefit from an organic peace silk pillowcase. The closer silk is left to its natural state, the greater its beautifying superpowers. Quality has its price and a genuine silk pillowcase might be worth investing in, when it lasts longer and helps us sleep better. When we sleep better, we look, feel and act better.


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