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The Best Kept Hair Care Secrets and Tools to Prevent Hair Damage

4 min read. Easy tricks for a maximum glow-up.

1. Diluted shampoo on roots only

Always only shampoo your roots and not the full length, as these will get their dose of shampoo just from rinsing out. Did you know: shampoos are often too intense anyway? It is easier to dose with a small dispenser bottle, such as the ones used for colouring. Mix a hint of shampoo with water 1:10, shake the bottle - et voilà enjoy a creamy and foamy mixture that is also easier to apply. That technique not only saves on our precious shampoo but helps to keep hair healthy. It won’t dry out that much. Instead of rubbing to create that foam, you can gently massage your scalp. Shampoos are alkaline and roughen the hair structure up to get the hair and scalp clean.

2. The CSC-method: conditioner - shampoo - conditioner

Never heard of that method? This proves it's really one of the best-kept secrets around. Conditioner has an opposite ph value to shampoo. It is sour and meant to close our hair structure and make it shinier. Our hair is usually not that dirty, we just want our oily roots cleaned. So try that:

1. Wash your hair with water only

2. Cover the stressed length with Conditioner (or hair mask)

3. Leave the conditioner in while you Shampoo your roots only

4. Rinse it all out

5. Condition length again

6. Rinse again

3. Don’t want split ends? Try no-poo or co-washing!

You’ve probably heard that one before: do not wash your hair every day as this routine might dry out hair and provokes enhanced sebum production. Once or twice a week shall do the job and if you need a wash after a sweaty sports session, try to wash without shampoo and only use conditioner on the length. And yes, you can train your scalp to produce less sebum by washing it less or less harshly. Just re-think your hair-care routine: It is not about which products to add to nourish your hair, it is about not taking too much away. 

4. Pre-pooing or pre-poo to protect your hair 

Pre-pooing is short for pre-shampooing and not only nourishes your hair before washing but also protects it during washing. It’s very similar to the CSC-method except that it’s not limited to conditioner only. Use your pre-treatment of choice, such as coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, aloe vera gel or conditioner up to your very own preference. Add a protective layer to the length.

Pre-poo a couple of hours or at least 30 minutes before your regular hair wash routine. You might even incorporate it into your routines and pre-poo before your workout. We don’t recommend to sleep with wet hair since this can further roughen the cuticles which can lead to frizz and breakage. 

5. The brushing technique to avoid hair damage

Some people assume it is better to brush your hair after washing - but washing and massaging your scalp can mess up existing knots even more as wet hair is more vulnerable and more likely to overstretch and break. A special Wet Brush is worth investing in if you won't do without brushing wet. Take your time to detangle with a comb and brush gently (!) starting from the ends of your hair, brush slowly and in small strokes. Your scalp loves a good hair massage with the brush. And the 100-brushes-a-day advice is outdated as well. It would simply cause too much mechanical stress.

Silk scrunchie moonchild

6. How to wear a ponytail

Change your ponytail from day to day to avoid breakage by stressing the same hair parts over and over. Braids are easy on your hair and easy to sleep in. A loose bun during the night protects from split ends from friction caused by movement.

7. Silk scrunchie to prevent split ends

Scrunchies are in general healthier for your hair than conventional hair ties since they add some extra padding. The luxe version is made of silk, as silk causes less friction, keeps hair moisturized and is ultra gentle to our hair. Fewer knots and breakage - and who wants them?

8. A nourished scalp ensures healthy hair

We nourish the skin in our face and body but tend to forget about our scalp. Cherish it with natural oils overnight or a soothing scalp lotion. Castor oil is said to have great benefits for all hair, including eyebrows and lashes. Also, scalp massages (check a special scalp massager) increase blood circulation that promotes healthy hair growth.

9. Don’t skip heat- and UV-protection! Dry on no/low heat

If you can - let your hair air dry or use a blow dryer on low heat. But do not go to bed with wet hair. Wet hair is more prone to breaking from friction caused by our movement during the night. All heat styling tools are best used occasionally rather than daily. Don’t forget to use heat protection and UV-protection on sunny days.

UV rays burn both the inside and outside layer of the hair follicle, resulting in brittle and lifeless ends. Just like unprotected skin, hair can get sun burnt, too. From frizzy strands to faded colours - let us not underestimate the sun’s power to mess up our hair.

10. Do not rub the towel on your hair

Instead, try to press the water out of your hair gently. Be gentle to your hair - be gentle to yourself, love. Your hair will return the favour with a healthy shine.

11. A silk scarf helps prevent frizz

We’ve all been there. Dry winter heating and wearing a wool scarf or wool sweater leads to dry dreaded locks. A silk scarf helps to avoid frizz and split ends. Silk causes less friction and keeps hair nourished, as it won’t dry out that much. 

12. Sleep on a silk pillowcase, love!

And that easy one at last. Just swap your pillowcase to a silk pillowcase and see the difference from the first morning on. Less visible frizz after one night gives us a glimpse of how much friction can be avoided during 365 nights and about 3.000 hours of sleep every year (we recommend not to skip a single one of it). Sleep, look and feel better, loves.


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