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100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase 🦋 caterpillar-friendly free 🌎 shipping from 200€/$

Peace Silk - Luxe Satin Pillowcases

Organic, Cruelty-free, Harm-free Peace Silk

Luxury Tailoring with French Seams


Silk Pillowcases

A Moonchild Silk Pillowcase is designed to enhance our ultimate beauty sleep. We use the finest grade organic Mulberry Silk and dye with non-toxic, Oeko-Tex certified colours in Europe.

To obtain all natural benefits, we keep our Silk organic with no blended fibers, chemical finishes, pesticides on the plantages or harsh chemicals. Our Silk is GOTS-certified, cruelty-free and harm-free. A Silk Pillowcase helps sooth skin irritations and leaves our skin and hair nourished overnight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Silk Make A Difference?

Sure! It is the easiest way to prevent wrinkles, frizzy hair and tangles. Unlike conventional fabrics, such as cotton, Silk will not absorb moisture or skin care products and will cause less friction.

How Often Should Silk Pillowcases Be Washed?

A Pillowcase made of Silk is naturally stain repellent. Washing the Pillowcases once a week should do the job in most cases. With a cold or any severe skin condition it is recommended to generelly wash linens more frequently. Silk air-drys quickly.

How To Wash A Silk Pillowcase?

Pillowcases made of pure Mulberry Silk can be washed easily and quick by hand or machine washed in cold water (max. 30°). Choose a Silk detergent developed exclusively for Silk, such as Moonchild's Delicate Silk Wash Detergent. Treat stains gently, avoid to dry Silk in direct sun.


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