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cruelty-free Mulberry Silk quality designed in Germany

Organic Silk Travel Set Organic Silk Travel Set
Organic Silk Travel Set Organic Silk Travel Set
Organic Silk Travel Set Organic Silk Travel Set
Organic Silk Travel Set Organic Silk Travel Set
Organic Silk Travel Set Organic Silk Travel Set
Luxe Silk Travel Set Silk Pillow Silk Sleep Mask Luxe Silk Travel Set Silk Pillow Silk Sleep Mask
Moonchild Organic Silk Sleep Mask Moonchild Organic Silk Sleep Mask
Organic Silk Travel Set Organic Silk Travel Set
Organic Silk Travel Set Organic Silk Travel Set
Organic Silk Travel Set Organic Silk Travel Set
Organic Silk Travel Set Organic Silk Travel Set

Organic Silk Travel Set

Color: Amazônia
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Luxury Silk Sleep Mask + Travel Pillow

Like sleeping on a cloud. Elevate your sleep and wake up beautiful wherever you are. With your ultimate travel companion for smoother travels and sleepovers with that comfy at-home-feel.

Set of:

1) Peace Silk Sleep Mask in Small Pouch in 2 sizes: S/M - 55cm / 23" and L - 58cm / 23" circumference

👓 Memory Effect Core

A google shaped core with memory effect is activated by body temperature and avoids pressure on the eyeballs. Non-bulky sleek design.

〰️ Ultra-comfy

The 3D-effect silk mask gently adapts around the bridge of our nose and blacks out the environment. An extra wide and soft headband is comfy in all sleeping positions.

🌱 Organic Silk

The more natural we keep silk, the more we benefit from its skin-loving superpowers. Safe for the environment and us: no pesticides or toxins used. Sustainably dyed in Italy. Conventional dyes can be harmful and potentially carcinogenic.

2) Peace Silk Pillowcase including Superplush Down Pillow / ethically sourced from small german farms, not live-plucked, 100% new feathers and downs, not bleached, in two variants

a) Standard: with 70% premium duck down, 30% feathers or

b) Luxe: with 90% premium white goose down, 10% feathers 

3) Bigger Pouch / with pockets for sleep mask, passport, phone, also fits a sleek 13" notebook (100% organic cotton)

Organic Silk Travel Set


seen in

Wherever you are

Sleep better

A sleep mask helps block out light, thus supports an undisturbed melatonin production and deeper sleep.

Sleep Better

Silk is breathable and keeps hair and skin hydrated. We sweat less, stay cozy in winter, and sleep better.

Look Better

Silk reduces friction, thus helping to prevent wrinkles, split ends, and the dreaded bed head. Name an easier beauty routine!

Feel Better

Our silk is certified organic. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-fungal and antimicrobial.

Cruelty-free Peace Silk

protects the silk butterfly - not given in the conventional industry that still boils them alive.

Organic and Sustainable

Our silk is free of harmful toxins and dyed sustainably in Italy and therefore safe to use whereas conventional dyes can be highly toxic and potentially carcinogenic.

Dermatologically Recommended

to soothe sensitive skin and symptoms of neurodermatitis, acne, eczema or allergies. Silk is the fibre most similar to our skin.

Organic Silk 🌱

soothes the sensitive skin around our eyes and helps prevent wrinkles like no other fabric.

I can tell which side you prefer to sleep on - by fine lines on your face. I recommend satin silk pillowcases to deflect the signs of ageing.

Silk Dermatologically recommended
Dr. Marion Runnebaum

I have always struggled with my dry and frizzy natural curls. After sleeping I had to wash my hair again to make it look healthy and shiny. Today I sleep on a Moonchild silk pillow. My hair stays hydrated, the products stay in and the same happens to my skin - a true game changer!

Silk recommended for natural hair and curly hair
Nadine Alyana E.

I travel everywhere with my Moonchild travel-sized silk pillow and sleep mask. What a treat.

Nigel Dean

13 Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Only silk pillowcase I’m not allergic to

Long story short: this is the first silk pillowcase I can use without an allergic reaction (I got the white one). I am thrilled with it!

I’ve been buying silk pillowcases to protect my hair for a few years now, but I wasn’t able to find one that didn’t cause me to have an asthma attack (after washing first, obviously). I tried every more natural seeming brand I could find, including ones with the usual certifications, ones only dyed with vegetable dyes, “handmade” ones, etc. You can imagine how many hundreds of dollars I wasted since you can’t return after you wash/try.

Frankly, I think all of those brands use the same (or similar) base silk fabric that’s processed in a toxic way, and they only differ in the dyes and sewing used afterwards. My problem was with the silk fabric itself. Moonchild’s fabric is different. I’m thankful there is a company creating ethical silk products that are truly healthy and safe.

I will try the scrunchies next as I’ve had the same allergic reactions to other brands of silk scrunchies. It would be great if Moonchild made a sleeping cap and/or an adjustable wide headband in future.

Ein wunderbares Produkt auch verschenken - ohne Tierleid und höchste Qualität

Ein wunderbares Produkt auch zum
Verschenken - ohne Tierleid und höchste Qualität 🦋

Susi M.
I love my new pillowcase

I'm going to replace all my pillowcases with this.

Claudia B.
Amazing quality

I love it and will get more for me and my friends.

Linda N.
Love it

This pillowcase has changed how much I look forward to bedtime. It motivates me to never skip my cleansing routine.


How To Wash Silk?

Wash your Moonchild Silk in the delicate cycle with our Silk Detergent. There's no need to dry clean silk pillowcases. Silk dries quickly. Avoid direct sunlight and dry laying on a towel.

Satin vs Silk - What's The Difference?

Moonchild Silk is 100% silk in a satin weave. Don't be fooled by satin pillowcases, which could be made of any fabric, such as polyester, which is neither organic nor provides silk's natural benefits. Don't go for the cheapest, go for what works!

Why Invest In Moonchild?

In an age of fast fashion, we're the force of change. We produce with the world's leading manufacturers and dedicate the same quality craftsmanship to each item as to a luxurious gown. Our organic silk is safer for animals, the planet and us consumers, too. Invest in pieces that last.

Can I Return My Order?

We offer 14 days risk-free returns. 

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